Tales of a Church Girl

Why shy away from who I am
Will it continue to be like this
I walk around looking at what makes it real
Yet I feel like an odd one in the list
Despite trying to ensure I belong
How long will I continue this way?
I wouldn’t mind being in the cloud
Still will it make me see;
The rest of what will be left of me
This sojourn I fear to go
How do I account for this?
Making my sphere know who I am?
Is there any acceptance for my being?
What will be left of me?
When I choose this path which they all love
I grew up as a church girl loved by all
Now I struggle to reveal the identity behind me
How do I convey this to them?
Keep it to myself I say
Though the darkness clouds on me
And it’s clear what mirage it brings with it
Yet I’ll enjoy the glow it brings
Till its time the cock will crow
Well the church girl I still am

Longing to mingle with them all
My layers of being revolves in me
The fun it brings I always crave
Which I know never to get
Through my ecclesiastical belief
Still I belong to them all
Will I ever reveal this church girl in me
When all I see are the flashes of luxury
Which I am not ready to let go
Enjoy the church; enjoy the world
“It won’t kill” my friends all say
Yet they all never get satisfied
Even with the luxury they acquire
They still never seem to have it all
Why then continue in this falsehood
A life of pain and hurt
Nurtured to satisfy the thirst of the flesh
One at a time I retrace my steps
Till i get back to where I belong
Yes! That church girl is who I am
Still the church girl I want to remain

To every young girl who thinks there’s nothing to gain from being a church girl. Keep your value in check because there are people who want to be like you but they can’t just say it.

I Love You


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