Need a Job? Be Deliberate

Had a discussion centered around Finding a Job with a friend few hours ago and we both concluded that you have to be deliberate about getting a job if truly you need one. We also agreed that you can’t say you don’t have a job when there are many jobs around you awaiting your call. Wondering what I mean by that? Okay I’ll be clear enough.

1) Have you tried approaching anyone for a job even if you won’t be paid? How ready are you to volunteer to be someone’s personal assistant without expecting some stipends afterwards. Believe me, if all you can do is to approach 6 people and assist in arranging their schedules for them, keeping a tab and reminding them of their daily activation, then you got yourself a job- a reward always comes with it.

2) If you think you can’t be someone’s PA, go volunteer as a Social worker. Volunteer to be a tutor to a child in the neighborhood, assist to supervise a nanny( that is called supervisor shey), Volunteer in your church office. If your church already has an admin, you can volunteer to be an assistant admin. Volunteer at corporate events- People are readily interested in taking volunteers for things like registration stand, Protocols etc once they see the determination in you. Do something to be busy and you’ll be surprised how things will turn out.

3) What mentality do you have towards getting a job? Are you moneycentric or ready to deliver your best? These days even the unemployed seem to have more money than the employed- check out the gadgets both parties use.lol. You’ll be amazed at how an employed individual analysis and denies themselves of some things but check an average unemployed person, you’ll see what I mean. Some even get stipends,gadgets from uncles and aunts. Not all jobs have the best salaries so u need to erase the first thought of money when you think about getting a job. Instead focus of how you can add value.

4) Start attending events- We did an analysis and we accepted that we have plenty motivators but then if you think about it, are they not out for our good? Even the free empowerment programmes, people don’t attend yet they will complain when they see how much is charged for the ones they have to pay for. Attend the free ones then you’ll value the ones to be paid for. Maximize ya opportunity dear.

Practical example- One of my very determined, impact-focused and value minded friends has been a freelance reporter for a media firm for a while now. He works for them without pay neither has he been staffed. Guess what! He won their 2015 Staff of the year award. Now that’s got some funny sides to it because he isn’t even their staff. That’s what the mind of an average purpose-driven individual can ignite- develop your skills and use it well.

Please try not to start another season with the complaint of no job- There are jobs around you- Take a bold step! Be deliberate!


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