Towards a Sustainable System of Conduct

I went to the mainland during the festive period and I was impressed with what the government has been able to do. I saw the bridges, walkways, civilised officials at work (in fact one was so courteous that I had to check again and ask myself “am I in Lagos?’) and I marvelled. Then I said to myself, “Tobi this is the Lagos we are talking about”. I have had several discussions with folks on Systems and Conducts and the summary all the time had been – ‘Forget it! Lagos cannot have a stable functioning system’.
Now to those who still have this mentality I will like to share this and yes I am open to observations and criticisms. Let’s get on;
1) There is no Nation that did not start from the scratch and if we are sincere to ourselves, we must admit that we (government and the governed) have really come a long way in the scheme of things even if it seems like nothing is working, everything keeps getting expensive and the economy keeps getting crazy – We have survived!
2) There is no Nation that cannot survive and maintain a stable and functioning system. It begins with the smallest unit in the society – You! When You start changing your views and mind-set, you will evolve in Positivism which will also affect your environment.
3) For us to maintain stability in the system, we need reformed humans whose minds are transformed and are ready to abide by the existing conducts/laws of the sector they belong. We also need to be ready to put our best into making it effective and efficient. Time to say no to sentimentalism.
4) It takes the involvement of an environment to nurture a child; so also it takes the input of each and every one of us to bring alive an effective working system. Improper use and neglect of our facilities must stop. The welfare of our environment should be our concern.
5) Yes, the people in the scheme of things may not be getting it right, however be the one to start with the change you want to see. One of my primary school’s marching songs says “do your best and leave the rest…”
*Remember the fathers will leave the scenes for the sons someday.
…. Great lofty heights attain
To build a Nation where peace and justice shall reign.
I look forward to a better Nigeria.
God Bless Nigeria

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