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Dealing with Sexual Heat

Dear single folks, dealing with sexual heat is not a sin neither is it the works of the devil. We all go through it and during those moments some of us wouldn’t even mind exploring just for the fun of it…#youknowhatimean.

How do we handle our urges when they come? Is it even easy to express? Have you ever imagined going to talk about your urges with your dad? Lol. Naaa! I wouldn’t even dare. But then, there’s got to be some way out of this heat. The heat does not even know speaking in tongues so please don’t come preaching to me…aint I a Christian myself? Anyways, I will share some of my escape modes with you.

During my heat periods, one of the things I usually do is to play music and when I say music not the “Celine Dion” type.lol.  Infact that intensifies the heat that moment. That one is very deadly! So when I say music I mean like Travis Greene, Nathaniel Bassey or even Fela (I love his style of music, it makes me move and dance off) play a music or listen to a message that addresses the situation and before I know it I start thinking about my aspirations in life. Try it and let’s see.

My other way of getting out of this is to phone a friend…yeah it works and please I don’t mean the opposite friends please. Call your chitchat friend and joke about it…Like they say, the key to overcoming a challenge is by expressing it. Once you expose it, it becomes powerless. Speak it out. Laugh over it and let your friend remind you of how far you have waited and you can’t just throw it all away in one makeshift bed. Naa, it’s not worth it.

And yes please! This is very important – Don’t go thinking the devil is here again oh.lol. It’s just part of the creation story and the heat should remind you that you are normal. Please feel the heat and let it drift. There is nothing to bind about your sexual heat. Just recognise what works best for you in having to overcome it. It’s an experience you should have.

The end point to all of this is “do not be idle”. The Bible says the idle mind is the devil’s workshop. The truth is I seldom have this urge these days because I am always busy doing one thing or the other. I am harldy free even to myself and this is best because I am a deep thinker so being idle is not my style. Maybe you also need to apply this. Try not to be idle in any way. Get something doing and be safe. Love you.

If you don’t mind, you can inbox me and let’s chat on how you can manage the urge. I will love to hear from you (don’t come proposing though.lol). Let’s learn to start expressing how we feel. It saves!


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